our mission

innovateTLH cultivates leading edge innovation across local nonprofit, business, government, and education sectors in Tallahassee. We connect individuals and organizations to each other, and to resources like talent, funding, advocacy, opportunities to collaborate, and more. We elevate ideas and unite our community around solving problems and creating opportunity.

our vision

We believe that the best innovation happens when many minds come together across a variety of sectors and backgrounds, working hard to solve the challenges of today and tomorrow by thinking differently. When there’s a challenge to overcome, innovateTLH steps up and takes action. We are doers, not watchers.

Problems are all around us all the time. innovateTLH brings together talented Tallahassee thinkers and doers to solve them. It is our fundamental belief that collaboration is crucial to shaping outcomes in our region, by sharing resources and access for the good of innovation and most importantly, our community.

Imagine what leaders and innovators can accomplish when they know where to find all of the assets, people, ideas, and tools they need to pioneer solutions and break new ground. innovateTLH spurs partnership between creators striving to make our community, our region, and our world better.

Quality of life improves for everyone when diverse groups join together and use their creativity and expertise to invent. innovateTLH endeavors to always be advancing our region by creating an environment where vanguards, entrepreneurs, experts, professionals, creatives, public sector leaders, passionate residents, and more have access to one another and to the resources they need to make things that enhance lives and lift up communities.

our story

People from all corners of our community in Tallahassee contend with a myriad of challenges, every single day. Issues like food and housing insecurity, equitable access to healthcare and education, gun violence, talent development and retention, downtown activation, promotion of the arts and culture, and economic development that benefits everyone all continue to perplex our community. Conversations on how to tackle these obstacles routinely lead us to the same place – recognizing that perhaps our greatest impediment to progress is that we talk past each other and silo conversations, activities, and resources.

How might we approach these issues differently if we could broaden awareness, solicit new ideas and attract new resources?

What if we centralized these conversations, leveraging technology to offer a resource where talent, ideas, tools, and information could be accessed and shared?

To offer a new approach and engage the diverse perspectives, backgrounds and ideas that make our community so special, a few longtime Tallahassee residents decided it was time to develop that resource. So, in 2022, they launched innovateTLH, a nonprofit whose mission is to elevate ideas in Tallahassee, bring the community together to tackle the challenges we continue to face, promote cross-sector collaboration, and drive growth and impact in the region. Partnering with the business community, local schools and universities, government leaders, and others, innovate TLH now offers Tallahassee what we’ve never had before and long needed: one network to share ideas and events, tackle challenges, and break down silos.

our approach

When there’s a challenge to overcome, innovateTLH steps up and takes action. We are doers, not watchers. We are active participants, not bystanders. We don’t wait for others to fix things; we come up with a plan and get the job done. We give first and share ideas, intelligence, and influence. We don’t treat relationships like transactions. We aren’t just another initiative collecting dust on a shelf; we work hard with and for the Tallahassee community. We embrace our guiding principles – Innovate, Collaborate, Elevate – internally and externally.

get involved

Post a Challenge

Issues and challenges come in all shapes and sizes. While some are smaller, some continue to perplex our community and stymie progress. Call on the community to help solve your challenge.

Share Your Ideas

Ideas and innovation are constantly spinning out of our schools and universities and across our community. Share your innovation or contribute to others’ ideas. You can help build businesses, create jobs and move our community forward.

Join The Conversation

Important conversations are happening all the time – but they’re often siloed and disconnected. Engage today, make meaningful connections, break down walls and help build a new local network.

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